1. Why Scholarship test marks not being shared?

We have made such a policy with respect to this test to discourage the candidates who are misusing this test as a mock test for the preliminary examination. It defeats the whole purpose of scholarship as most the top scholarship is captured by such students. So after thorough deliberation we came out with this policy for protecting the interests of genuine candidates in need of scholarship. We conduct this scholarship test so that genuinely needy and deserving candidates get scholarship.

2. What does scholarship in tuition fee means?

The GS Foundation course fees has three components i.e. Admission fee, Books fee and tuition fee. The admission fee is RS. 15,000 and Book fee is Rs. 5,000. The remaining amount is tuition fee which almost translates to 85 percent of the total fee. The scholarship offered is applicable on this 85 percent amount of total fees (i.e. tuition fee) only.

3. How can the scholarship be availed?

Candidate who have appeared in the Scholarship Test need to contact NEXT IAS either through phone (8800338066) or email ([email protected]) with their personal details and scholarship test result. Thereafter, we will deduct the scholarship amount from your account on our registration portal. Then student can pay the fees online or at NEXT IAS center and get enrolled.

4. What is the Refund policy?

As per organization policy, written application for refund is accepted but only within 5 days of taking the admission. In such case, admission fee is deducted and rest of the amount is refunded back.

5. Demo class

Two Demo classes can be allowed on request basis at the start of the classes. It can be availed both in offline and live/online mode.

6. Is there any provision for Weekend class or special classes for college going students?

There is no provision for weekend classes. College goers are advised to join Live/Online classes – evening batch which starts from July. Students can watch the classes live steamed from our New Rajinder Nagar Classroom. Missed classes can be viewed later.

7. GS Foundation batch privileges to Student.

There are lots privileges and benefits associated with ex-Next IAS foundation batch students. Next IAS Foundation batch students are treated as ex-Made Easy for privilege discounts at both Next IAS and Made Easy.

8. What is the Last date to avail scholarship?

7th June, 2019 is the last date to avail scholarship. Even if a student opts for the July Batch, he/she must register himself before 7th June, 2019.

9. Is the scholarship transferable?


10. Can I get access to 2019 resources if I avail 2020 program?

Yes. As a special gesture towards the deserving candidates, we will allow free online access to Current Plus Plus for Prelims 2019 and Current Affairs for Mains 2019 for students appearing in 2019 exam.

11. For which courses is CST applicable?

CST is applicable on the following courses only –

  • GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course 2020 – Classroom/Offline
  • GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course 2020 – Live/Online
  • GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course 2020 with CSAT – Classroom/Offline
  • GS Pre cum Main Foundation Course 2020 with CSAT – Live/Online